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  • "make the life of the risen Christ present where there is human suffering " - Prior General

"make the life of the risen Christ present where there is human suffering " - Prior General


To all the Brothers, Co-workers and family members of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God

 Dear friends,

During Lent we  prepare to live Holy Week and Easter, For forty days we are preparing to celebrate with great joy the Resurrection. Greetings to all.

The Christian Easter means the passage from death to full life. The pessimistic view of Christ's death brought great sadness to the hearts of his disciples. What had happened seemed a distant memory, but nothing more. . But of course it was not so, it was not a dream but reality, as it was told to the women who had gone to the tomb: " Why look among the dead for someone who is alive? He is not here, he is risen . "(Luke 24: 5-6).

The resurrection of Christ opens the doors of life to all men and women in the world.   The triumph of Christ is the victory of God's plan in respect of his children and the world. Nothing and no one can prevail against it, nor the evils produced by human sin, such as war, injustice, corruption, greed and many others, or the evils that are the result of human weakness or poverty, nor those beyond our control. Evil will not have the last word, this is reserved only to the fullness of life that God gives through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Undoubtedly, evil, suffering and sin continue to exist in our world, but they are not invincible: the Risen Christ teaches us the way to overcome them. For this reason we are called to rise with Him, to live as resurrected, to commit to God's plan, a life plan to make mercy and hospitality a reality in our world.

Easter tells us of life, renewal, joy and hope. Despite the difficulties that people go through, and the world in general, hope and commitment in favor of life should be the attitude to be adopted. At the start of the pontificate of our Holy Father Francis his firsr words and  acts invite us to hope and renewal, a new stage for the Church, which in the Paschal dynamic must pass from death to life, and must be renewed, being humble and being closer to the poor and the suffering.

  This also applies to our Hospitaller family  of St. John of God,  the Easter season is an opportunity to revive what has less life, to renew ourselves from what is now obsolete and to offer life and hope to people who suffer, announcing and showing them, through hospitality, the infinite love of God, as did St John of God.   For this, we must go forward every day with enthusiasm and joy , making the life of the risen Christ presentin places where there is human suffering. 

Holy Week and Easter Sunday I will be with the Brothers in Yanji, China, and I will spend Easter week with the Brothers in Japan and Korea, carrying out the canonical visitation, accompanied by  Brother Vincent Kochamkunnel. I have no doubt that this, my first visit to these beautiful lands will be a very positive experience.  .

In renewing my wishes, I greet you fraternally, united in the Risen Lord and our Father St. John of God


Among Jesús Etayo

Prior General


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