Order Opens New Centre in Seoul, South Korea

On April 26, a new house was blessed and inaugurated in Seoul, in the Korean Province. This new building houses a centre for adults with serious intellectual disabilities, a Respite Care Service, the Provincial Fundraising Office, and is home to a Community of Brothers. It is planned to build a new Unit for the Elderly some time in the future.

The ceremony was presided over by the Superior General, Bro. Jesús Etayo, in the course of his one-month long General Canonical Visitation to the Province, which included the Community and the Centre at Yangi (China), and the Provincial Delegation of Japan.

the first part of the ceremony the new building was blessed and inaugurated, followed by Mass, which was attended by a large group of Brothers and Co-workers from the various Houses in the Province, the guests being cared for in the Centre, and their loved ones, large group of Benefactors, local authority officials, and several Mercedarian Sisters of Charity, and the Little Sisters of the Poor of Saint Juana Jugan. The Provincial Superior, Brother John Jung, presided at the Mass, which was concelebrated by several priests and Brothers of the Order and of other Congregations, together with the local Parish Priest. Several addresses were delivered.

In his address, Bro. Jesús Etayo thanked the Province for having built this new House which demonstrated the vitality of the Order?s hospitality in Korea. He thanked all the members of the St John of God Family in Korea for their help and their support for the Order and urged the public authorities to continue cooperating with the Order in respect of this, and other projects for the poor and needy people of the city of Seoul. He also addressed loving words to the guests being cared for in the Centre and to their loved ones, who give sense and meaning to this new St John of God facility.

The celebrations ended with fraternal agapé supper shared with everyone present, who also had the opportunity to visit the new facilities.



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