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Since 2011, the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd and the Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God have been in discussion over coming together to provide hospitality to the sick, the poor and those in need.

Brothers have met in Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal and the United States to visit each other's ministries; worship together; pray together; dine together; reveal history and stories; learn local customs; and share fraternal hospitality.

Hospitaller Brothers participated in the Little Brothers General Chapter in June 2012 and Little Brothers particpated in the Hospitaller's General Chapter in October 2012

We are grateful for the willingness and freedom to continue the dialogue and journey into the mystery of coming together.

The latest meeting to further this process took place at the end of the course on the Constitutions and General Statutes to which reference was made in a previous article, on June 15, 2013 the merger Action Plan Committee met again at Wainfleet on the Northern shore of Lake Erie. At the previous meeting on 7-8 March, 2013 at Westville Grove in the United States, the foundations were laid for organising the process and deciding on the structures needed to implement it. This meeting examined a number of aspects in greater detail. For example, the Vocations Panel submitted a plan which was adopted by the Action Plan Committee. To simplify the operational procedures, it was decided to merge the Governance Commission and the Action Plan Committee. Both the Brotherhood Commission and the Governance Commission were briefed on a number of issues arising out of Canon law. After an initial debate it was decided to address these issues on October 4, with the assistance of a Canon Law expert. Another aspect examined was the linkage in the Hospitaller Order between the General Curia, the Provinces and the Regional Commissions. The next meeting of the Action Plan Committee will be in September 2013, by videoconference. The Prior General, Brother Jesús Etayo will also take part.


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