School of Hospitality in South America

Since August 2011, a School of Hospitality has been in operation in the Southern South American Province, designed to foster and strengthen identification by all the members of the Hospitaller Family with the charism of St John of God.

In March 2013, the officials from the School went to La Rioja in Argentina to visit the San José centre for retirees. Since this centre was only recently incorporated into the Province it provided an opportunity above all to show the Brothers, Co-workers and Volunteers the substance and the purposes of the School, and to inform them that in mid-2013 a new course would be inaugurated in which they were all invited to participate.

At the beginning of April, the School was transferred to the Carmen hospital in Santiago del Cile and the Sanatorio Marittimo at Viña del Mar, where the officials met the Chilean students.

Finally, in mid-April, the School visited the centres in Bolivia, beginning in La Paz, before moving on to Sucre and ending at Cochabamba.

At all these meetings, the School’s officials were able to gain first-hand experience of the huge dedication with which the students are studying the materials placed at their disposal, translating it into concrete activities in order to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired.


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