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Second European Day Organised by the Order’s Brussels Office

On Thursday, June 6, the General Curia hosted the second meeting organised with the delegates of the European Provinces responsible for liaising with the Hospitaller Order’s Brussels Office.

The meeting was opened by the Superior General, Brother Jesús Etayo who, in his address, recalled the important part played by the Order in Europe, and urged everyone to remain confident in this difficult and delicate moment through which we are currently passing.

He was followed by the President of the Order’s Europe Commission, Bro. Rudolf Knopp, and Dr Carlo Galasso, the Director of the European Office that was opened in Brussels in 2012. The first part of the day was devoted to examining the avenues that the Europe Commission intends to pursue in the Sexennium 2013-2018, and the first activities that Brussels has been promoting, and the developments in the organisation of the European office, which will shortly be changing its official name to ‘Hospitality Europe’.

During the afternoon, the work currently in progress in the European Provinces with the support of EU programmes was illustrated to the meeting. One particularly satisfactory result was the fact that as many as 14 projects had been initiated in the European Provinces of the Order during the past 12 months accounting for more than 30% of the entire number of projects financed during the past 10 years.

It was then the turn of Professor Paolo Maria Rossini – the Scientific Director of the Associazione Fatebenefratelli per la Ricerca – who, as the Vice Chair, illustrated the work being done under the European Joint Programming on demographic change in which the European office of the Hospitaller Order is taking part as a full member of the Societal Advisory Board which had been put in place to support the programming.

The delegates of the European Provinces (a total of 14 people) were then given the opportunity to interact and to present proposals to be developed synergistically at the European level.

Dr Galasso brought the meeting to an end, thanking the General Curia and the reference persons from the European Provinces for attending the meeting and for the interest they had shown in the course of the day’s deliberations, trusting that in the coming months, the cooperation arrangements would continue to improve both in quality and effectiveness.



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