Meeting of the Europe Formation Commission

The first meeting on Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care for the Europe Region met on 4 and 5 July, 2013 at the General Curia, attended by Brothers and co-workers responsible for Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care in the European Province, namely:

Bro. Massimo SCRIBANO from the Rome Province; Bro. Angelo SALA from the Lombardy-Veneto Province; Bro. Paul-Marie TAUFANA from the French Province; Bro. Joachim MACEJOVSKY from the Austrian Province; Bro. Karl WIENCH and Bro. Seraphim SCHORER from the Bavarian Province; Bro. Ángel S. GALLEGO GARCIA from the Andalusian Province; Bro. ?ukasz DMOWSKI from the Polish Province; Bro. Alberto MENDES from the Portuguese Province; Bro. Luis MARZO CALVO from the Aragon Province; Bro. Juan Antonio DIEGO from the cash Province; Bro. Ronan LENNON and Mrs Frances DIGNAN from the Western European Province.

It is a good idea to constantly bear in mind that the General Chapter held in Fatima in 2012 had placed great stress in the Sexennium resolutions on promoting vocations to hospitality. This is the reason why the General Definitory has decided to make 2015 the year dedicated to Vocations.

Following the example of the Asia-Pacific and America regions, which have established a local-level Commission for Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care, the Europe region is now at work on instituting its own.



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