St John of God European Project for the Homeless

It was announced last week that the application, submitted a few months ago by the Order’s Brussels office, to obtain funding for a European project has been officially approved. This funded project will bring together, for the first time, all the centres of Hospitaller Order which offering shelter and assistance to homeless and marginalised people, and forms part of the work which the European office is fostering specifically in this sector. 

Now that the European Commission has given positive clearance for the proposal to be funded, it will make it possible for more than 70 people (religious, co-workers and volunteers) to join forces and take part in a series of working sessions that have been scheduled for the next two years in various European countries. The project will address issues relating to what are known as the “new forms of poverty” as a consequence of the economic and social crisis gripping Europe today. For the task awaiting the participants in the project will be to design actions that will enable them to make a joint and effective response to the new needs of the guests in their facilities, who are no longer marginalised and vulnerable people alone, but also include young people and whole families who have fallen prey to the present economic crisis.

The Order’s centres directly involved in this initiative are the Barcelona Social Service (Spain), the St Richard Pampuri Night Shelter in Brescia (Italy), the Homeless Centre in Marseille (France) and Ollalo House in London (United Kingdom). The work will be performed in compliance with the Grundtvig Community programme, and will receive a subsidy of just under 100,000 euro. Following the meeting organised by the General Curia in 2012, the representatives of all the Order’s European centres engaged in combating poverty, will be meeting again with the officials of the European Office and the Spanish Interprovincial Commission, on September 6 in Madrid


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