First Japanese Brother to Celebrate Golden Jubilee

The first Japanese Brother to celebrate 50 years of professed membership of the Order is Brother George Tokuda,  who made his first profession on 15th  August 1960.  After a special visit to Granada, Spain, in July, Brother George celebrated his Golden Jubilee in Japan on 20th  August with a Mass of Thanksgiving during which he renewed his vows.  This was followed by small party for about 40 guests. Guests included Korean Brothers John Jung, Provincial and Andrew Kim and Korean Co-worker Mr. Gwangyeop Kim.  At present a Japanese candidate for the Order is in Korea undergoing initial formation.


The Order has been present and active in Japan since Brothers from the Bavarian Province made a foundation at Kobe in 1951. The first Brothers to come to Japan, Brothers Bosco Würzburger, Ägidius Lutter and Kupertin Ederer,  established themselves at Kobe-Suma on a large piece of land that allowed them to set up a residential centre for men who had been treated for psychiatric illnesses. They also offered a hydrotherapy programme called “Kneipp Treatment”. Today the Order in Japan runs the St. John of God Centre for Persons with Mental Illness, Kobe-Suma; St. John of God Centre for Persons with a Learning Disability, Kobe-Kita; and Seibu Day Centre for Persons with Mental and Physical Disabilities. The membership of the Provincial Delegation of Japan is small: 7 Solemn Professed Brothers, one of whom is Indian and another Korean.





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