NRVC, Vison Shine at World Youth Day!

World Youth Day was an experience that exceeded everyone’s expectations, including the Holy Father’s! Despite the rain and cool weather, pilgrims from around the world converged in Rio de Janeiro in droves and sang, danced, and celebrated their faith on the streets and beaches. The sight of 3.5 million people congregating on the 6 kilometers of Rio's famous Copacabana beach to celebrate the Eucharist with Pope Francis is an experience none of us will soon forget.

With support from the Hilton Foundation, NRVC and VISION Vocation Network sponsored the Vocation Veranda at the Vivo Rio during World Youth Day. The Vivo Rio was the “home away from home” for English-speaking pilgrims and was sponsored by several additional partners, including Knights of Columbus, the U.S. bishops' conference, Holy Cross Family Ministries, Canadian Salt + Light TV, Paulist Media, Pontifical Mission Society, and a number of other organizations.

The Vocation Veranda offered a warm, welcoming environment for pilgrims wishing to talk to a priest, brother, or sister about their life, faith, or vocation. Confession and spiritual counseling were also available.
Staffing the Veranda were Brother Paul Bednarczyk, CSC; Sister Debbie Borneman, SSCM; Father Anthony Vinson, OSB, NRVC board member; Patrice Tuohy, executive editor of VISION, along with her VISION team; and a volunteer pool of sisters, brothers, and priests who made themselves available to the many pilgrims who passed through the Veranda. NRVC is especially grateful to those NRVC members who participated in the Vocation Veranda. We appreciate your support in Rio and hope that you and others will join us for the 2016 WYD in Krakow, Poland. The experience gives us hope! As Pope Francis said on the plane home from Rio, "This trip has been very good; spiritually it has done me good; meeting people always does good . . . we receive many good things from others."

--by Brother Paul Bednarczyk, CSC, Executive Director, NRVC


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