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"The future of the Order hangs on Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care and Formation"

?"The future of the Order hangs on Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care and Formation".? These were one of the remarks that the Superior General, Fr Jesús Etayo, shared with the group of Brothers making up the Pastoral Care of Vocations/Pastoral Care and Initial Formation commission representing the different regions of the Order throughout the world.

The Commission met on 23 and 24 September at the General Curia and was attended by Brother Luis Marzo representing the Europe Region, Brother Fermín Paniza from the Asia-Pacific Region, Brother Nicholas N´sale from the Africa Region, Brother Dairon Meneses from the America Region, Brother André Sène, the Secretary-General, and Brother Benigno Ramos, General Councillor with responsibility for Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care and Formation in the Order.

The main purpose of the meeting was to see how to enhance the culture of the Hospitaller vocation throughout the Order, accompanying the officials responsible for Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care and also seeking to galvanise the Vocations Culture in every Province. The Commission?s remit also includes making preparations for Vocations Promotion Year instituted by decree of the General Chapter. All the tasks and the conclusions of the Commission must be circulated to each of the Regions by the Brothers representing them on the Commission.

The Prior General, Brother Jesús Etayo, also said that Vocations Promotion is something that should involve all the Brothers, because we are promoting what we actually experience ourselves. We have to put across an attractive and coherent project and this can only be effective if we bear witness to it in our lives. To attract young people a project must be dedicated with action programmes and be run by Brothers who are bold and willing to take risks.

Brother Benigno Ramos also endorsed the words of the Superior General, stressing the need for a careful selection of Formation Masters since these are the people who have been given the task of guiding and accompanying our candidates in the best possible manner, while continuing to foster Continuing Information which is a fundamental part of the Order?s renewal process.

The Commission will disseminate the conclusions in all the Regions, proposing work to be done, and gather information on what is being worked on in all these places so that it can submit its report to the next meeting of the General Commission on Vocations Promotion/Pastoral Care and Formation.


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