24 St. John of God Brothers Among Beatified Spanish Martyrs

Yesterday in Tarragona, Spain, about 500 martyrs killed for their faith during the Spanish Civil War were beatified, among them 24 St. John of God Brothers.  Previously in 1992,  71 Brothers were beatified.  Most of the Brothers were very young and shot in different places in Spain.

In a letter sent earlier in the year, the Prior General, Br. Jesus Etayo, urged the Hospitaller Family to "give thanks to Our Lord for these Brothers who unreservedly gave their lives to testify to their vocation and consecration to Hospitality at the service of the sick and all those in need".

In his angelus address Pope Francis said,  “ Today, in Terragona, Spain about 500 martyrs, killed for their faith during the Spanish civil war of the 1930s, are being proclaimed blessed. Let us praised the Lord for these courageous witnesses of his and through their intercession let us supplicate [God] to free the world from all violence.

The Holy Father had sent a video message for the beatifications in which he posed the question “Who are the martyrs?”  going on to say that, “They are Christians won over by Christ, disciples who have learned well the meaning of ‘love until the end’.     He said that these martyrs showed “total love” that when one loves totally, it goes on until the end.  Jesus showed this kind of love, even under the weight of the cross and the sin of the world he trusted completely in the Father and he forgave.  He concluded saying “These martyrs  followed Christ  in his love and in his suffering. “Christ puts us ‘first place’ in his love; the martyrs have imitated him in this love until the end.”








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