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Discovering/Discerning Your Vocation

Discernment is something that we do almost every day but we probably would’t call it by that name.  Basically it is about making good decisions.  Nearly every moment of every day we are constantly making decisions, some as insignificant as whether to have a cup of tea or coffee, this sort of decision we usually make in a split second.  Other decisions such as those we make at work or decisions concerning family life take more time depending on the issues.  However decisions that we make which decide a direction in life need to be more fully thought through and this process is discernment.

When we are considering religious life discernment entails a process of “coming to know what’s in the heart of  God for me”.   St. Ignatius Loyola devised a method of discernment which is still in use today, it’s a simple method  and briefly, it involves

  • Prayer
  • Weighing the pros and cons – how do you feel having done this – what’s the aftertase?
  • Talk to a trusted guide (friend, family member, religious brother, sister or priest)
  • Entrust it all to God . It is a choice between a good thing and a good thing (everyone has a vocation, each vocation is equally valid and pleasing to God)

The ‘Constants’ of  God’s Call

  • God calls us in a personal manner – “I’ve called you by name….’
  • The God who calls us is ever faithful – ‘I wlll never forget you….’
  • God has known and loved us for all eternity  - ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..’
  • God always takes the initiative     
  • God provides us with what we need to respond to His call – ‘My grace is sufficient
  • God calls us from among the people to serve the people -
  • God calls us to bring the good news to the poor – ‘I have sent you to bring the good news to the poor’


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